Friday, February 17, 2012

Prayers for Friday, February 17, 2012

Matins: We give thanks to You, O Father, with all our hearts. We sing praises to you before the gods and judges of the land. We will bow our knees before Your throne and give thanks to You name because of Your steadfast love and Your trustworthiness. You have magnified Your word together with Your name. You have answered us on the day that we call. You have made us bold with strength in our souls. We yearn for the day when all the kings of the earth give thanks to You, O Yahweh, that is, when they hear and obey the words of Your mouth. Hasten the day in which they will sing of Your ways, O Yahweh, for great is Your glory (Ps. 138:1-5).

We praise You that Your kingdom is bigger than any earthly kingdom, that it spans boarders and cultures. Therefore, we pray for the other branches of Your church, who are gifted in different ways than we are. Fulfill the purposes you have for the other members of You body, that You kingdom would continue to spread and that the knowledge of Jesus would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Is. 11:9; Hab. 2:14). (Chose one other denomination besides your own and pray for its specific needs and ministries.)

Midday: Our Father, examine us, and try us. Test us thoroughly, O Yahweh, for Your covenant loyalty is before our eyes, and we have walked in Your trustworthiness. We do not sit with men of falsehood, but we love Your truth. We do not go about with hypocrites, but we love the genuine brother (Ps. 26:2-4). We love the habitation of Your house and the place where Your glory dwells (Ps. 26:8). Help us to walk in integrity. Redeem us, and be gracious to us. We bless You in the congregation of Your people (Ps. 26:11-12).

We lift before You today ministries of education. We pray today especially for Your people who have chosen to homeschool their children. Guard them against a tendency to elevate their earthly family above the family of Jesus. May parents treat their children as their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. May they provide for their needs as well as with opportunities to develop as complete servants of Yours. May their homes be filled with laughter and the cacophony that comes from many musical instruments being practiced at once. (Pray for specific homeschooling families.)

Vesper: We ascribe, O Father, the glory that is due Your name. We worship You, O Yahweh, in the majesty of holiness. Your voice is upon the waters. It is powerful and majestic. It breaks strong cedars, even the cedars of Lebanon. Your voice causes lightenings. It shakes the wilderness, even the wilderness of Kadesh. In Your house, therefore, we will lift up our voice and say, “Glory!” You, O Jesus, sit enthroned as King forever. You will give strength to Your people. Bless us, O Yahweh, with peace (from Ps. 29).

Let us Your people, live peaceful lives in this land. (Pray for the top news items that burden you.)

Antigua and BarbudaCompline: We praise You, O Yahweh, and give thanks to You because You are good. Your steadfast love endures forever. Though we are inadequate and incapable, we will speak of Your mighty deeds and show forth Your praise. Enable us to practice righteousness at all times, and bless us. Remember us, O Yahweh, in Your favor toward Your people. Visit us with Your salvation so that we may see the prosperity of Your chosen ones, so that we may rejoice in the gladness of Your holy nation, the Church, and so that we may glory with Your inheritance, even us, Your people (Ps. 106:1-5).

We lift before You tonight the tiny island of Anguilla. Though this people is largely Christian, we “pray that religious traditions might be infused with real spiritual life.” We ask that Your Spirit of unity would bind these people tightly together in the gospel.

We also lift before You the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, two small islands in the Caribbean. For this nation also, we “pray for a revival” among the many nominal and complacent Christians “that galvanizes Christians to prayer.” May Your church truly be a unified and focused light that makes a difference in their society. We also pray that you would break down the sophisticated structures of sin. Give “wisdom and discernment [to] the government in handling these difficult issues.” Also, bless the work of two Christian radio stations that serve many islands of the Caribbean: Abundant Life Radio and Caribbean Radio Lighthouse. Spread Your kingdom through these effective means.

Anguilla facts:
A British overseas territory.
Capital: The Valley
Governor: William Alistair Harrison
90% Christian (45% Protestant, 30% Anglican)

Antigua and Barbados facts:
Capital: Saint John’s
Prime Minister: Baldwin Spencer
92.5% Christian (34% Protestant, 34% Anglican)
(Quotations, statistics and picture are from Operation World and

News about Antigua and Barbados:
Caribbean's high crime rate is hindering development, report says

About Abundant Life Radio: “Abundant Life Radio is committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through the preaching of the Word and the very best in gospel music.” (From their website)

About Caribbean Radio Lighthouse: “As a missionary radio station, the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse broadcasts the good news of God's word to the islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Located on the tropical island of Antigua, and operated by Baptist International Missions, Inc., the station has been used by the Lord to strengthen local churches by teaching and encouraging individual Christians through sound, Bible-based programming. Reaching from Eastern Puerto Rico south to the northern Windward Islands, our AM station covers over twenty islands with a population exceeding one million, and FM reaches a growing Spanish-speaking audience in Antigua and nearby islands. The Lighthouse brings Biblical teaching to islands not reached by any other Evangelical radio station which conforms to the fundamental doctrines of God's word.” (From their website)

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